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Dating Tips for the Shy Woman
by Terry MacDonald

No need to go overboard: “Nice shoes,” will do it.

8. Stay on top of current events.

You don’t necessarily want to bring up your stand on Bush v. Kerry during a first meeting, but be able to discuss less controversial issues intelligently.

9. Remember the weather!

Some people have the “gift of gab,” the ability to make strangers feel like they’ve known them forever.

They are fearless about talking about the weather, gas prices, whatever.

Shy women worry that talking about mundane things will make them appear stupid. But seemingly dull subjects like the weather affect everybody. People relate to them.

10. Hold your head up. It’s the simplest, most effective way to look confident. Good posture, coupled with that fabulous smile of yours, gives you a “winner’s vibe.” You’re guaranteed to be a hit!

Be warned: These tips will not help you if you don’t leave the house.

It’s just too easy to watch a Friends rerun for the umpteenth time instead of meeting people, but I promise you that Prince Charming is never going to climb through your bedroom window.

Talking to strangers can be uncomfortable, but with practice it will surely get easier. If you have a bad night, congratulate yourself for making the effort.

When you have a good night, understand that you earned it.

Know that countless wonderful nights are on their way to you.

About the Author:
Terry MacDonald is the author of How to Attract and Marry the Man of Your Dreams (Even if You're Not Rich, Thin, or Beautiful). Visit her website at www.marrysmart.com

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