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Don't let your fear stop you

I always am thrilled when a client says "help, I'm stuck!" or "this obstacle is too much" and "I can't do it, I'm scared". Because I know for certain that we are on top of the treasure.

Now forget everything I just told you about that fear-dragon.

Here's why the dragon-as-fear metaphor is not true or helpful. How are we conditioned to respond when confronted by a dragon? What has every fairy tale, movie, and bedtime story told us about dealing with dragons?

Strap on the (shining) armor, wield the sword, be a brave knight and SLAY the dragon! Oops.

That's where the metaphor falls down. I'm going to tell you a truth now, that I really, really want you to hear, so listen up: You will never ever ever win a battle with fear. Once you engage in a struggle with fear, you have already lost.

Fear wants you to spend your energy and resources on the battle, so that you lose focus on your goals, on your heart's desire, on your success, on your purpose.

Don't fight fear, it won't work. You can't win a fight with fear. You have lost the moment you begin.

To bring this tale to its rightful end, let's take up where we left off: you are facing the big powerful protective dragon that guards your treasure.

You are here to claim your treasure. The dragon is here to stop you. It wants you to a) be paralyzed or b) run around in panic or c) fight it. You know better.

Here's what you do: Stand firm, with a clear picture of what you want in your mind. Face the dragon. Look it right in the eye.

Tell it what you are here to do. Ignore the roars and fiery breath, they can't really hurt you. What will hurt the most is giving up your treasure.

Point your finger straight at that dragon and name him. Be specific in the naming. Say, "Hello dragon-mine, you are my fear. You are my fear that other people will think I am crazy. You are my fear that I will fail.

You are my fear that I'll be in poverty. You are my fear that I'm wrong. You are my fear that I'll be alone. "Keep going with your names for the dragon until you are done.

Then you will see that the dragon is an illusion, as is the fear. It's not really all-encompassing and huge and powerful and infinitely strong. In fact, it's just a list of strange and unhelpful messages you've been telling yourself. Watch in amusement as the dragon shrinks to the size and strength of a little green gecko. Step over him and claim what has always been rightfully yours.

Dragons, like fear don't stand up to naming. When you name your fear, it loses power. Keep naming it till you can walk around it and move on, treasure in hand.

All the best,

About the Author:
Sarah p.s. I'd love to hear what names you give to your dragon and what is the treasure it guards.


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