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First Date Ideas

first date ideas when meeting someone online

So you finally got that first date. Exciting!

You need now first date ideas to impress.

It is a crucial moment to accomplish two goals; to impress and to be impressed.

And to learn a bit more.

Firt dates are to collect some information of whom we are attracted to.

Jumping to conclusions on him or her at the end could be a hasty mistake.

It takes a long time vastly understand and get someone.

You might loose an opportunity to experience one of the greatest joys of life.

One date is not enough.

It only gives ideas if you feel comfortable or excited to seeing that person again.

Choose an activity where you have some quiet moment to discuss about your lives and go further in each others perceptions. You can be delighted or thankfully disapointed.

And an activity that will get you both talking on your impressions giving a glimpse on each other's personality.

So what now?

Where to go?

What to do?

Keep reading for first date ideas to choose from.

Lunch or coffee

Sometimes you want to keep the outing casual so suggest meeting up for lunch or coffee can be a good start.

This way, if the meet didn't go so well both can part way but if you enjoy each other company, you have the rest of the day to spend together.


Choose a restaurant with a relax atmosphere. Something decent but not too fancy. Not too noisy either.

A nice ambiance to dynamise or relax both of you depending on the mood you both feel.

It would be ideal if the restaurant has a bar so you can have a drink or two while you talk before you sit down for a meal.

Theme Park.

Doesn't matter how old you both are, we can all be big kids at heart.

There're so much you can do at theme parks that most likely you forget about the dating pressure.

It allows to see what level of thrill your companion is comfortable with. It is only an indication.

I have a friend who hates roller coasters. But she is the strongest individual I know who can deal with corporate pressure.

Sporting events.

If somehow you found out you both share the same passion for certain sport.

Why not suggest going to see a game?

Tennis, baseball, badminton, soccer, hockey, etc....it will give you plenty to talk about after when you guys will go for coffee and/or desert in a place near by.

These sporting event ideas give plenty to chit chat with your partner first; you may observe the level of competitive nature.

Being competitive is nor right or wrong. It depends what kind of lifestyle you are looking for. You might be delighted either way.

Do something active.

Having something to do is sometimes better than being in a setting where you're forced to have a conversation. Here are some ideas

Go bowling

Go Kart racing

Play pool


Skiing, Snowshoeing and reward yourselves at the best hot chocolate place in town

Art. Culture. Beauty.

Outdoor free show (concert, classical, themed festival, ...)

Expo in a museum of striking painting, colorful glass sculpures, late musician or historical artefacts, etc...

Visit and Aquarium be both amazed with the colorful fishes. Talk abour your favorite vacation spots

Depending on how active you and your friend are that is, you would hate to be forced into doing something you don't enjoy.

There're endless of other things you can do on your first date.

Altough all of these are suggestions, keep the following attitudes regardless of your date's behaviour;

Be creative

Be considerate of the person's likes and dislikes.

Be open and kind

Show off your sense of humour

And also, smell nice perfume. Scent can go a long way in the game of seduction on a first date.

Above all: Enjoy yourself.

first date ideas


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