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First Date Tips

Dating can be tough and first dates can be painful. The following first date tips will make those fun and light

So what are you to do?

Here is a list of first date tips to start the year out right!

· Meet your date out and drive yourself.

If you want to bail out early, you won't be trapped.

Also, when you have your own car. If things work out, you won't have any worries about inviting your date in or not.

This helps protect you from your own impulses, because what's worse then "will he respect me in the morning?" is "How much will I hate myself when I wake up?".

Also when you have your own car, no need to worry about safety, your date does not know where you live.

This protects you from a date turned bad turning in to a stalking nightmare.

·Keep the date simple.

You're nervous enough without making a big show, plus you don't want to lock yourself in to an evening you won't enjoy.

· Men, end the date first. You will make yourself stand out.

· Women, don't wear anything low cut or short.

It sounds like an old cliché but your first date knows very little about the woman you are. He will take you at face value and you don't want to give the wrong impression.

A friend of mine went out for dinner on a blind date.

She is a very conservative women, who really likes to take her time in relationships.

All of us who know her know this about her.

Her date didn't. She went out on the date wearing a sexy low cut cocktail dress.

They went to dinner, had a wonderful evening, and when he walked her to her door, he pounced on her!

She was of course surprised and upset, but her date didn't know her, he just took her at face value.

· Wear clothing that you are comfortable and confident in.

First dates are uncomfortable enough without a tight belt biting you around the waist.

· Men, be specific about where you are going.

This will make the date more comfortable, and will prevent her from wearing a cocktail dress when you are taking her bowling.

· Ask about your date.

Each of us knows we are the most interesting subject :)

But the most interesting conversationalists are people who ask about others.

Great light topics are :

kids (if they have any)

first date tips topics


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