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First Date Tips

If you are really stuck for topics to talk about, and questions to ask, on the Dateable.com site, in our advice corner, under romance, single life, we have a great article by Penelope Frohart author of "The Book of Fabulous Questions" called "What do I talk about on a date?".

She offers some great advice. http://dateable.com/advicecorner/

· Easy on the perfume. You want to knock his socks off, but you don't want to knock him out!

· Don't forget to use mouthwash before you go out.

· Don't order sloppy food. If you are not paying for what you order, try to stay in the middle of the menu.

· Keep the conversation light! Don't talk or ask about old boyfriends, girlfriends, or ex-spouse. This is a first date, not a therapy session.

· Find out about your dates eating habits before you plan the evening. Make sure you choose a place where they will be able to find something to eat.

· Be attentive! There is nothing worse then a date peering over your shoulder making you feel as if they are looking for something better.

· If you are not paying be considerate of what you order. Try to stay in the middle of the menu.

· And last, but not least, have fun and be yourself!

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