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Create More Happiness-Practice Extreme Self Care

by Lisa Branigan

EXTREME is not a term usually connected to self-care. Self-care usually portrays a picture of gentleness, kindness, loving self or being nurturing.

People don’t consider it necessary to take extreme action when it comes to self-care.


First the word extreme is often only associated with dangerous sports or foolish actions when in reality it relates to any area where you try something new or push your personal limits to experience the fullness of life.

Second, most of us don’t know what self-care is really like or we may feel we will begin practicing self-care when we have enough material security that allows us time to be so indulgent.

You put your needs second for many years and then if and when the time comes you may not know how to do it because you haven’t developed the habit of self-care.

In reality practicing extreme self-care actually produces more time, space and money in our lives.

When we truly care for our own needs first, we build a reserve of energy and resources that enables us to sustain extreme self-care in our own life with enough left over to care for others.

I challenge you to choose one thing this week that demonstrates extreme self-care in your life. (Have a massage, read a book, get a house cleaner, do your favorite whimsical thing, have a check up at the dentist, stretch, say no).

Notice the happiness, energy and well being you create by practicing extreme self-care

About the Author: Lisa Branigan is a Stress and Energy Life Coach working with busy women who are stressed, tired and overwhelmed. Her coaching sessions provide women the necessary support, encouragement and understanding needed to create changes and bring balance to their life and health. Lisa is the publisher of "Life Solutions" a free monthly e-zine providing tips and information on self-care and well being for women. Visit Lisa at www.quantumcoaching.com.au