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Holiday fun for singles
by Rinatta Paries

holiday fun singles

Are you dreading the holidays because you are single?

For those who are alone, this can be a difficult season -- especially if you know what it is like to be in a relationship during this time of year. 

This can, however, be your best time of the year if you follow this plan: 

1. Participate in Lots of Holiday Gatherings

Who knows?

You may meet Mr. or Ms. Right at that next party.

Or you may meet someone who knows someone who is right for you. You will most certainly have fun, which makes for a good holiday season.

So how do you find these gatherings?

Ask your friends, family, neighbors & co-workers about upcoming holiday events.

Then see if you can join in on the fun! 

2. Volunteer

Many people volunteer during the holidays, especially very good-hearted, loving people -- the kind of people with whom you want to be in a relationship!

This is why volunteering is a great way to meet others while also making yourself feel good for contributing.

How do you find these opportunities for holiday volunteering?

Look in your local paper and in your phone book for charitable organizations. Or contact your local United Way for charitable organizations in your area. 

3. Worship Religion & spirituality can be uplifting & satisfying for your soul. Thus, the holidays are the perfect time to rejoin or revisit your place of worship.

Plus, you'll find that lots of other people are making the same choice this season!

If you have trouble meeting your fellow worshipers, take on a volunteer role. Become a greeter, volunteer on a holiday committee, or take on some other role that fits your personality and interests.

Being in a role with a job to do makes it easier to strike up conversation with people -- and possibly find romance! 

4. Participate at Work

Are there holiday events going on at your work? If so, participate!

If not, lead a group of people in organizing some activities. Create opportunities to socialize with as many of your co-workers as possible, then ask each of them to bring friends to the events.

5. Send Out a Holiday

Letter Mail a letter about your life to your friends and family, and maybe even to work clients. Tell them about significant events & milestones in your year -- and tell them you are single and looking!

Describe your ideal mate & include your picture. Who knows what the postman will bring back? 

6. Step Out of the Ordinary Participate in activities that you either normally avoid or don't have time to do.

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