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How do you know if a guy only wants to get in your pants | 10 clear signs to outsmart him

he only wants to sleep with me

You are dating this guy.

He is giving you the attention that you need.

He is present somewhat.

But there is still something missing and you want to take this to the next level.

Is he worth that breakfast you are making him?

Before you do make that leap, make sure he is on the same page without having to asking him.

Here are some signs that indicates he is not boyfriend material.

He only wants you for your body.

He contacts you at the last minute most times to “do something”. 

Otherwise, you don’t hear from him.

He should contact you just to see how was your day. That is ''caring''.

It has to be a combination of both (asking you out and caring on how you feel)

I had a guy once that I have met online who was always texting me asking how was my day.

He was never asking me out. I found out year later that he was dating someone else.

He doesn’t plan the dates.  It is always you

A man is biologically wired to take action. Period. 

he texts me everyday but doesn t make plans

He will make sure that he impresses you if he wants more from you. He will plan a date. 

And the first thing would be to plan things that will leave you delighted.

If he does, be appreciative without critics.

Voice what you want and desires of course.

The best thing to do in the early stages of a relationship is to refrain from criticizing.

Signs of a commitment phobic | Fix Your Taste for Unavailable Men | QUIZ : Are you a second date killer?

He doesn’t hold his plans

You feel you cannot rely on him. 

You have that dread feeling on walking on eggshells if you disagree, say no, etc...

And he freaks out if you even mention some kind of commitment (like being on time).

Then, he is not ''husband material''.

He hasn't past the test. Flunk!

There are no Saturday night or Sunday mornings/afternoon dates

These are the moments we feel relaxed after the week, ready to connect with special people.

During these times, he should plan to spend time with you.

You have never met his family and friends dear to him after you have been dating regularly.

He would want to show you off to his friend.

Men like to show off. Show off their house. Show off their house. Show off their business cards.

And show off their future wife as well.

Signs of a commitment phobic | Fix Your Taste for Unavailable Men | QUIZ : Are you a second date killer?

He doesn’t include you in his social activities

Sharing his life with you has to be on his priority.

That is what men and women dream of.

Someone with whom they will share their hobbies and social settings.

If he doesn't do that, start thinking about how serious he wants to be with you.

He doesn’t bring up at all commitment

He will bring up at some point what is the status of you two. 

You can bring it up also but wait until you see each other on a regular basis.

Or he might be commitment phobic.

Read the signs.

If it is the case, RUN!

commitment issues

He shows up or contacts you at odd/late hours

It might mean that when his “non-shared-with-you social-activities” are done, he feels lonely and needs you to fulfill is emptiness.

Watch for that.

He doesn’t car about your satisfaction in the bedroom

You feel different level of emptiness and neglected after the fact.

Your friends.  Pay attention to what your friends think of him

They are neutral in their judgment. 

They are not biased by any strong emotions. 

Take their opinions into account.

But don't make it your entire decision on the guy.

Just add it to the equation of your decision on him.

If he has most of these behaviors, start letting him go slowly.

Or fast.

As long as you start the process to find someone who will give you support, admiration, warmth, love and kindness.

Signs of a commitment phobic | Fix Your Taste for Unavailable Men | QUIZ : Are you a second date killer?

I know that might not be what you want to hear.

It is best to move on and find someone who will care about your feelings and your needs.

Listen and trust on how you feel.

Your heart is telling you that something's wrong and that you should act rapidly.

If you feel empty and unsatisfied, you should listen to it.

Oh! and one last thing;

Don't make him breakfast anymore.


Signs of a commitment phobic | Fix Your Taste for Unavailable Men | QUIZ : Are you a second date killer?


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