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The Joy Of Dating Again

by Jeanette Castelli

For some, the thought of dating again can be scary.

For others, it can mean to have full experience of expectations and adventures.

Whatever you think what is the idea of dating again may be, one thing is clear, you want to have a joyful experience and ultimately find new love in your life.

Dating again is not just about going out with people that you like.

It has to do with transforming your whole life.

Dating again is the step that will lead you to a new relationship, starting with yourself.

Dating has a deep meaning in our lives, because relationships have a deep meaning in our lives: one leads to the other.

We can almost conclude that the quality of dating will determine the quality of our next relationship.

When you try to get into a relationship just for the sake of not being alone, you are selling yourself short.

You truly deserve the best relationship you can get.

A great relationship can transform your life, but first you need to empower yourself to be at the level where you are ready for that special relationship.


Because we attract people who match our self-esteem, level of passion, happiness and intimacy.

Only through self-empowerment you can discover the greatest relationship of all: relating to your inner self.

The rest will come.

You can count on that!

You will find more dates, better dates, meaningful and compatible relationships; it all starts with you.

Take this opportunity to make the best of your life and your self.

Use self-empowering keys to implement new ideas, behaviors and life strategies.

Don't wait for the great relationship to come along.

Start giving your best today, and see your love life unfold as you discover the joy of dating again. Have fun in this journey that you have already started.

About the Author:

From the book “The Joy Of Dating Again” by Jeanette Castelli, M.S. ISBN:0974206113. Features 21 self-empowering keys to transform your experience of dating and your life, contains exercises, worksheets and social experiments to implement each key. Visit website http://Joy.Urbantex.com/ Book available now at online retailers and bookstores.