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Love Could Be An Errand Away
by Toni Coleman

But plan to meet in a public place until you have more information about them. Once you have had a few meetings/dates, you can exchange home phone numbers and more personal information.

* Close the deal. So, you two have been standing in line and talking while your sandwiches were being made. You are very interested and don't want to just say good-bye.

What can you do?

You can reiterate that you eat here a few times a week and tell them that you hope to see them on Wednesday at around noon. You can pick up on something they might have shared such as their participation on their workplace sponsored softball team. "

My team will be playing on the mall on Sunday at 4, when do you guys play?

"Perhaps we will play opposite each other and can talk after the game."

Of course, there's always the suggestion of eating your sandwiches together at that park down the street...

Joining singles clubs and groups, posting personal ads and/or doing volunteer work are all great ways to try to connect with compatible, available singles.

However, they are not the only way. Many great loves started from chance meetings in the couple's everyday world.

So, get out there, really mingle and open your mind to the possibility that when you go around the next corner you will come fact to face with Mr/Ms Right.

About the Author: Toni Coleman, MSW is a licensed psychotherapist and relationship coach who has been quoted in many publications including: The Chicago Tribune and The Orlando Sentinel newspapers and FamilyCircle, Woman's Day, and Star magazines. She has been featuredon ABC News; Discovery Health Channel and AOL Online. She is a weekly contributing commentator on the KTRS Radio Morning Show,(St. Louis, MO). Toni founded Consum-mate.com in 2002.

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