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Ten Compelling, Bottom-Line Questions to Answer before you launch your search for the love of your life

Ten Compelling, Bottom-Line Questions to Answer before you launch your search for the love of your life.

Looking for a partner or love of our life, can be exciting, challenging and extremely frustrating.

If you are truly serious, time spent on yourself, answering the following questions, can lower the risk of frustration and raise the chances of success...

1.Who are you?

Does question excite you, scare you?

Most people have never really taken the time to answer this fully. The best way to answer this is your own self-reflection and input from those who know you best.

Ask you close friends to help.

The importance, of course, is communicating who you are, separate from what you do, to your potential partners.

2.What are your values?

This question may seem quite simple, but do not let it go undiscovered. Values come strongly from our families but are refined/changed based on our life experiences. Know your top 5.

3.What do you want from a relationship?

Many singles are busy people and have established themselves as independent and self-sufficient.

Being clear on what you want allows you to make better decisions. In other words, what could be better in your life if you had a partner.

4.What are the barriers you have encountered in the past?

Most singles, with some prompting, can discover and name what obstacles that arose in the past?

For example intimacy too fast, lack of time for relationship, lack of trust. Knowing these issues can help you plan ahead and avoid “being blind" to situations. 

5.Are you been living in ways that support you desire?

Interestingly, many singles say they want a relationship, yet their actions don't support that. One way is looking at your habits.

How many day to day activities bring you in contact with potential partners?

What can you do to change your routines?

Are you friendly, outgoing when you meet new people?

6.Do you have time allocated for doing this to support the value?

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