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The Secret To Success In Courtship And Marriage, Sex And Happiness (Part 4), by Arthur Zulu

It is okay if you are dating with marriage in view.

But it is wrong when you are just flirting around with a member of the opposite sex, just to get attention. Would dating help me to grow emotionally?

Limiting yourself to be boy-girl relationship will hinder your social and emotional development. This will help your maturity and better prepare you to select a mate. Do you want to hurt yourself?

If you pursue an unrealistic relationship, you will hurt yourself later. You may be disappointed by the other person. And it may take you some time to regain your composure.

What do my parents and others say about the relationship?

Your friends, or parents may draw your attention to the dangers in your relationship. Would it not be wise for you to take a hard look at the facts, and pack it up?

After all, they have affection for you, and your parents who are older and wiser, should know better.

Will I be able to keep my courtship honorable?

This means that your relationship should not cross from seeing each other, to having premarital sex.

So if your date decides to call off the relationship, you would still have kept your chastity and moral integrity intact. The reverse is bad news.

The following are the rules of dating.

Do not date until you are old enough and ready to get married.

Do not date someone you don t love.

Keep your relationship chaste.

Do not go to your date alone. Have a chaperon by you.

Be properly dressed, and be on time when you visit your date.

Keep your visit informal and relaxed. Converse and listen well.

Try to know as much as possible about your date.

Do not dodge sensitive matters. Discuss them.

In your discussion, find out how you are to live. Ask questions like these:

Where are we to live?

How many children shall we have?

What type of birth control method shall we use?

 What is your role in our marriage?

What type of work shall we do?

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