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The Secret To Success In Courtship And Marriage, Sex And Happiness (Part 4), by Arthur Zulu

How are we going to save our money?

Most marriage failures are courtship failures -- PAUL H. LANDIS

And that's true.

A good courtship makes a good marriage. But the problem is that some do not even know the purpose of courtship, and when to begin it.

Most courtships are no less than crushes -- an infatuated love for a favorite teacher, pop star or some other celeb. And this starts earlier in girls than in boys. These daydreamers, however, end up sick and depressed. Because the truth is that they may never get to meet such one in person, all their life.

Even when they do, there is little chance that the love they crave for such idols will be returned. In most cases those "idols" are not even aware of your "love".

So be real about your date.

And this would involve asking yourself some personal questions that will help you to find out if you are not deceiving yourself.

These questions are:

How well do I really know this person?

Am I blinded to his personal flaws?

Is the person perfect?

Have I fallen in love with an image?

Would I ever get to meet this person in my life?

If the answers you get make you think that you are on the wrong road, put your automobile in the reverse, fast.

Do things that will keep you busy.

Stop romanticizing.

Seek help from your parents, or friends.

Then someday, you will find the "real love", and your right date. But before you start seeing each other, you have to be warned of the dark side of dating.

The Dangers of Dating

Do not date for fun. Dating should start when you are ready for a good marriage. In fact it is part of the process of getting the right marriage mate.

Teenagers and others who dated for the fun of it, have ended up committing sexual immorality before knowing it. It normally starts with holding hands, an innocent kiss, then fondling with intimate body parts, and finally, sex. Then one day the relationship breaks up, leaving the couples to suffer the emotional trauma.

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