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Surviving After Divorce

9. Don't become lonely.

You may have found that your "couple friends" no longer invite you over or that your married friends don't have the time to do the things you suggest.

Don't panic.

This is perfectly normal and as time passes you will gradually find new friends.

Whatever you do, be positive when you are with others as positive people always attract more friends.

When you meet new people, they don't want to listen to "doom and gloom".

They don't know you yet and will probably find it difficult to be sympathetic to a complete stranger.

Be cheery and make them smile, people will remember and like you for that.

10. Don't get involved on the rebound!

We've all heard it, but when you meet "that" guy, it's so easy to forget.

Keep your dates light and remember that there is a broad line between getting to know a person and bonding a close, intimate relationship.

Don't try to jump that line, it's there to be crossed slowly. When you try to cross it too quickly you'll be forcing the relationship and forced relationships rarely last.

Yes, I know there are some whirlwind romances that have survived the test of time, but those are the exception, rather than the rule.

I've been married, single and a live-in partner. All sorts of relationships have their good and bad sides.

When you're single you might yearn for the stability of marriage;

when you're married you may envy the freedom of your single friends.

Whatever happens, whether you choose to remain single or forge a new relationship, don't keep comparing your life with that of your friends.

You're unique - your life is exceptional!

Enjoy it!

About the Author:
Sharon grew up in East London but moved to Norway at the age of 19, returning to England in 1998. She now lives in Cheshire with her partner and two of her three children. Besides writing, she is currently studying Social Science with The Open University, runs a web site where women in the UK can meet other women for platonic friendship (www.friendsyourway.co.uk), potters in her garden, knits and reads everything she comes over.


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