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Single guys (married and engaged not excluded), who's that Lady?
by Steve Dimeck

Who's that woman that you're looking for?

What is she like?

How does she look?

Does she know that you're looking for her?

Have you told her yet?

Have you experienced or maybe heard about a relationship or even a marriage that ended up nowhere?

The woman simply said: "That's it! We're over! I'm leaving you!"

Girls don't know what the guys want. Do they? Yeah, sex is one of the things that guys want. I admit it! I'm a guy. Come on! Be honest!

Don't you? But, is that it? Is that the only reason why you want to be with a woman? Isn't there more?

From all of the women that I have gone on a date with, I've realized that women are clueless when it comes to men's needs. And you know what? I don't blame them!

We, the guys, have never told them about the type of a woman that we are looking for.

They don't know that. Maybe the sex part got the best of us that we forgot about the rest.

The first time I got the nerve to tell my date about the type of a woman that I wanted to be with, she got up, left me, and never called me again. I guess she wasn't the type that I was looking for. But the second time I did it, she married me and 7 years later we still have a delightful marriage.

Now, why don't you tell all women about the type of a woman that you're looking for? Tell them so they're no longer clueless about men's needs. Educate them. Let them know what you want from them.

Here's your chance. I put together a survey that will be given to all women.

It's your turn to tell all women who and what kind of a person do they need to be in order to win your heart. Also, free gifts are waiting for you – including a secret bonus – just for sharing your darkest secrets. Survey location: http://www.thebestsurvey.com/tbs2-singlem.html

About the Author:
 Steve Dimeck, Macomb, Michigan, USA
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