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Wow, Grandma Is Dating!
by Allie Ochs

Treat your date the way you would want to be treated. TIME is of essence.

This begs the question as to when a relationship begins. You have graduated from the coffee shop to seeing a movie. He wined and dinned you and now invites you to a barbeque with friends.

While this is not a marriage proposal, it is nevertheless personal. No red flags have popped up yet and you accept the invitation.

This has the potential for a relationship. Now is the time to get to know him instead of looking over the shoulder for other suitors. Here is why: often relationships between dating singles never develop because they are occupied with multiple dates.

Sleeping with multiple dates is morally irresponsible to each one. Be as responsible as you would be to your best friend, because he may be that some day.

3. Authenticity: Love only happens when you are real.

Have you ever found yourself laughing simply because everyone else did?

Told someone had a fabulous time when you didn’t or said: “I love you” when you didn’t mean it? Did you ever do something inconsistent with your true self just to please someone or get what you wanted?

Of course we all have. We have lost the bravery to be real!

For many there is quite a gap between the person inside and the person we present to the world. In the competitive world of dating misrepresentation is at an all time high.

If you seek love, forget about how to make him fall in love with you. Forget about Mars and Venus, in the real world we are all human beings first, men and women second.

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