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Can Men And Women Be Friends? Or When Harry Met Sally Did He Really Just Want to Jump Her Bones?
Men and women can't really be just friends, can they? (...)There’s always that pesky sexual tension to contend ...read more

5 Secrets To Attract Men Like Ants To Grape Jelly  
Want to quintuple your odds of winning in the dating game?  We surveyed a variety...read more

What Men Want From Women
Actually, it’s pretty simple. Deep inside the heart of every man is a secret ...read more

How I Broke Myself from Asking “What Are You Thinking?
It’s only four small words, a seemingly innocuous question. Yet a question ...read more

Secrets Your Husband/Significant Other Don't Want You to Know
1. He Only Pretends Not to Listen.  He heard what you said. He’s just not interested in hearing it at the moment. ...read more

Changing Your Partner
Relationships are never perfect, and rarely do perfect partners come together. ...read more

Make him fall deeply in love with this

Should Women Fake It?
As soon as Chelsea walked in, she plopped down on the couch and...read more

60 Words and Phrases that Make Men Fall Deeper in Love..... The interesting thing about getting the love you deserve is that you have a great deal ... read more

Commitment-Phobic Men And How To Recognize And Avoid Them!
Most single women have encountered these men and had their heart broken ...read more

Commitment-Phobic Men And How To Recognize And Avoid Them! part2 ....In this article we're getting into the not so obvious signs that you're dealing with a commitment-phobic man....read more

He Didn't Lie to You, You Just Weren't Paying Attention ... If this is a pattern for you, you need to break it, so let’s take a look at this from the Emotional Intelligence standpoint.... read more

How to Successfully Program Your Man
Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could program your man as easily as purchasing your next flick on pay per view? ... read more

The Essence of Commitment: Footpath to Lasting Romance “I don’t understand your hesitation.  You say that you love me but you don’t want to go a step .... read more

How do you know when a man is in love

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