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Commitment-Phobic Men And How To Recognize And Avoid Them!
by Mindy Cameron


Part 1 - The Obvious Signs

Commitment phobic men

Many single women have encountered these types of men and had their heart broken at least once or twice, sometimes habitually!

You may have even known that these men had problems committing. 

But you convinced yourself you would or could CHANGE them!

It's the biggest mistake we make!

The outcome from thinking that?...

Usually heartache!

Why do we, women, put ourselves through this pain? We need to learn to recognize the early signs & effectively avoid getting involved with these men in the first place.

How do we do that?

What's the plan?

Well, for starters... use your mind (try to leave your heart out of this for now), and really SEE the obvious signs first. Some of the "not-so-obvious" signs will be discussed in part 2 but here are a few obvious ones:

Make him fall deeply in love with this

1. Does he actually SAY he's not wanting to commit in so many words? i.e... States he NEVER wants to get married, doesn't want to settle on one woman, wants to date different people, etc...?

Don't get trapped into thinking he will change his mind once he finds out how wonderful & beautiful inside you are (and I'm sure you are)!

Usually it's just not going to get there!

Save yourself the grief.  It doesn't matter how much you like him!

Move on quickly NOW!

2. Does he obviously get nervous, closed, uncomfortable, anxious or even angry if you mention anything about a commitment, getting engaged, marriage, your future together?

If he does, this is probably the MOST OBVIOUS sign. 

They don't always state it.


3. Is he unreliable about keeping dates or appointment times (being late)?

Does he cancel the dates or not showing up at the last minute? This does NOT include work-related appointments which I will discuss later on.

4. Does he stay overnight at your house or does he always have an excuse to go to his home, even in the wee hours of the morning?

Many commitment-phobic men get "claustrophic" & feel a need to get away from anything that is looking like a permanent commitment.

Claustrophobia & commitment issues will also be discussed further in part 2.

5. Does he have trouble displaying affection or "togetherness" towards you in public such as... holding hands, walking next to you instead of walking ahead of you, giving you short kisses in front of other people, etc... Make him fall deeply in love with this

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