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Commitment-Phobic Men And How To Recognize And Avoid Them!
by Mindy Cameron

6. Have you met his friends and family?

Does he include you in activities with them?

If not, you may start to think that he may not want them to think he's with you on a PERMANENT basis... see where I'm going here?

7. When talking to other people does he ever use "we, us, xxxx and I, etc.." or is it often "I and me"?

8. Does he own anything that stands for a "commitment"? I mean as a home, pets, major purchases such as a car, boat, etc?

Often men who have commitment problems in relationships also have trouble committing in other parts of their lives... they "rent" even if they can afford to buy a house for example, giving an excuse as something like "I don't know if I'll want to stay in this area so I don't want to buy a house yet since it's a somewhat "permanent" COMMITMENT.


Many commitment-phobics don't want the responsibility and COMMITMENT of what a pet requires. Major purchases... does he own or lease a car? Make him fall deeply in love with this

Sometimes, even major purchases such as a car is a huge COMMITMENT for these men.  It gives too much of a permanency. It is just an additional suggestion since I've known commitment-phobic men who HAVE owned their own car, and even a boat and a house.

9. Have you caught him "cheating", telling white lies about it or have you suspected he sees other women even if he says he's not?

I'm not talking about paranoia here... be realistic and reasonable. Try to curb any jealous feelings you have if you are a jealous person by nature.

10. Is he often "unavailable" and you don't know where he is or what he's doing?

Does he often have excuses for not spending time with you such as working late, meetings, friend's birthday, etc...? Make him fall deeply in love with this

While some of these excuses may be legitimate, if he's doing this frequently it could be a sign that things are "too close for comfort" for him and he wants his "space". While these are just examples of the more obvious early signs, this is definitely not a complete list.

I will discuss other signs in part 2 which will be the somewhat scary, "NOT SO OBVIOUS" signs, including men who are even OVERLY ATTENTIVE to you from the very start!

These men can really play  with your emotions. Be sure to read part 2 coming up next week! We will also be discussing how we can deal with these issues and prevent more heartache in the future.


Be true to yourself and try to keep your sense of humor!

Reflect about these things and don't do anything radical at this point!

We're just getting started here and there is much more to be discussed.

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About the Author:
Mindy Cameron is the author of the recent article "Shallow Hal, an online dating disaster" and operates an online advice column "ASK GRANNY" at her online personals site "MINDY'S MATCH EMPORIUM". She also owns and operates an online store "A SLIP OF A GIRL Vintage Lingerie

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