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And How To Recognize And Avoid Them!
Part 2... The not-so-obvious signs
- by Mindy Cameron

Well now, did you read part 1 of commitment phobic men?

If you haven't already, go read it before you read this next section.

In this section, we're getting into the not so obvious signs that you see with a commitment phobic man.

It can be confusing but here are a few scenarios...

1. "The Casanova"

When you meet him, you are not very interested in him. 

You have some doubts as to his intentions.

But he's so INTERESTED in YOU!

He tries very hard to get your affection and attention. 

You start to actually think that you should give him a chance!

Then you agree to go out with him on a date.

He wines and dines you like a queen!

You weren't really looking for Mr. Right but, you're thinking...

This is wonderful, I must have been so wrong about this person!

So you continue to see him and enjoy his company and the attention.

He's growing on you!

At this point, you sleep with him. 

You are sure to you have found Mr. Right.

After a short while, you're starting to feel like this relationship is going somewhere.

Make him fall deeply in love with this

Suddenly (the next day or maybe even gradually over weeks or months) he becomes less attentive and is not wining and dining you so much anymore.

He's gotten busy and doesn't call or come over as much, cancels planned dates or doesn't show up, makes excuses, etc...


Fix Your Taste for Unavailable Men

These should trigger the red lights that should be going off in your head now. 

This guy seems like he's getting a little smothered by the chance of this becoming a "successful relationship" that might lead to that all dreaded COMMITMENT!

He's worming his way out of this and he may not even know why himself. 

After all, HE is the one who pursued YOU!

At the present, he's got you and he's just not certain that's what he wants after all.

Be careful here;

you might want to get out now and save yourself the grief before it gets destructive.

It wouldn't be a big surprised if when YOU call it quits, after a week or so he's calling you and telling you he misses you, apologizes, etc...

This could be the beginning of round 2 for him.

Poor soul...

It's not entirely his fault.

Fix Your Taste for Unavailable Men

He has a major problem and he doesn't even know it.

Right now you're thinking of maybe give him another chance?

Go ahead and try it just to see if it doesn't start all over again.

If it does... well, you know the answer.


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