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Part 2... The not-so-obvious signs
- by Mindy Cameron

2. "The single married man"

Similar to scenario #1 but he doesn't back away that soon, you may even marry him.

It has happened even to very smart women.

Then, no sooner does he have a ring on his finger and he already feels like he has a ring in his nose!

He may even jokes about it with his friends.

All of a sudden this caring, over-attentive guy starts treating you like a vulgar object, doesn't talk to you anymore, is always doing things with his friends, gets quiet and sulky, may be having affairs and/or even be mean or cruel to you for no apparent reason.

When you try to talk about it, he just clams up or may even get mad.

Make him fall deeply in love with this

He will not talk about your relationship problems or refuses to recognize your feelings of hurt and confusion. If you can convince him into couples counseling.

There may be some hope here but if he doesn't do it on the basis that he doesn't think there's a problem you may be in trouble.

And now you're MARRIED and it's become very complicated.


This one hurts.

Fix Your Taste for Unavailable Men

3. Here we be what I call the "Terminal Bachelor"

That type actually treats you great and you are madly in love!

You're enjoying every minute (or shall I say year?) of it.

Time goes by and the moments remain nice as long as you don't mention anything about the future.

Nothing longer term than say, tomorrow or next week?

This guy is perfectly happy to date you forever!

And as long as you don't "pressure" him into any commitments, things could go on like this for years.

If you're happy with this situation that's fine.

It maybe because you are not that into him or you are not that ready for a long term commitment.

But be honest here; if you are secretly hoping to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary someday you could be seriously disappointed and waste years waiting for him to pop the question!

Wishful thinking will get you nowhere.

Fix Your Taste for Unavailable Men

He likes being single and he is planning on staying that way.

You know the old saying "Why buy the cow when you have an endless supply of free milk?"

This is what the situation is here.

He likes or even loves you as long as you you're happy to be with him eternally and keep "dating".

I don't want to be "dating" in my golden years!

Really think about last what you want.

If you mention to him about this and he bothers angry or clams up and refuses to talk about it, you have your answer.

If marriage and/or children is something you yearn out of this engagement then it is to your advantage to get away from it now. If

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