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Looking for Mr. Right and Finding Mr. Right
by D.A. Sears


He’ll engage you in conversation. He wants to know if you’re compatible with him. After all, MR. RIGHT/MR. GOOD MAN is looking for a MRS. RIGHT/MRS. GOOD WOMAN.

MR. RIGHT/MR.GOOD MAN will want to be your friend first. By the same token, you should want MR. RIGHT/MR. GOOD MAN to be your friend first. Remember, it’s better to be friends first. Make him fall deeply in love with this

It’s the friendship that’s going to get you through the rough times in your relationship, that is, in the event things get really serious between the two of you. And believe me, there will be rough times.

But we can talk about that later. If you find that there is no subject that the two of you cannot talk about and that neither of you have any trouble talking about any subject with each other, well, the two of you have cleared the first hurdle.

MR. RIGHT/MR. good man has integrity. His word is his bond. If he says he’s going to do something, he does it.

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And if for some reason, after saying that he’ll do something, he finds that he cannot do what he said he would, he will let you know immediately and will tell you why. MR. RIGHT/MR. GOOD MAN is loyal. He will not say unkind things about you to others.

If he has a beef with you or has something unkind or derogatory to say about you, he will say what he has to say to you. He is honest.

He will not play games. He is a man who has a sense of direction. He knows where he wants to go in life and he knows exactly how he is going to get there.

He never stops learning. He is always interested in anything and everything. He is curious about everything and anything. When he is wrong, he readily admits his mistake. He has a sense of humor. He is secure enough that he can even laugh at himself.

He is warm. He is loving. He is passionate. He is compassionate. He motivates. He inspires. He gives everything 100%. And he expects to receive 100% in return. You can put your life in his hands.

In his eyes, you are an equal partner – his partner – his teammate – and together you and he are a team. It’s either all or nothing at all.

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He will be concerned about your physical, emotional and psychological well-being. He will be concerned about your happiness. He tells you what he likes and what he doesn’t like.

He tells you how he’s feeling and what he’s feeling. He’ll tell you that he’s not perfect, but honey, believe me, when I tell you, this man is about as perfect as perfect can get!

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Make him fall deeply in love with this

Get Mr. Right + the love and attention that you desire with this

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