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How to get a guy to chase you: secrets to getting him hooked

by Caroline T.

how to make a guy chase you

Spend time with your friends

Guys are more likely to chase girls if they know that the girl is popular and well-liked. 

You can also use this time to show him that you are a fun person who likes to have a good time. 

Guys want someone who is happy and carefree. Guys are attracted to girls who are independent and not needy.

Create an air of mystery - Be mysterious

Don't be too available.

Don't share all of the activities that you have participated since the last time you have spoken. It will feel needy and anxious to him. One day, you will have an opportunity to share this with him. 

This will keep him on his toes.

He will think that you are really doing things without his permission of approval. That will keep his interest up to the skies.

how to keep a guy interested without sleeping with him

You want to be mysterious, not too hard to figure out, but not too easy either. You want him to wonder what’s going on in your head.

Let him learn on your activities after the fact.

He will understand that you are in fact mysterious and not easy to figure out. His interest will go to the roof.

He has to keep guessing what you're up to.

He'll want to know what your next move will be, which will make him want to pursue you more.

He needs the feeling that there is something about your life that’s out of reach for him and it's driving him insane with curiosity.

Have your own personal space to make the guy chase you

You should also talk about your interests with him and show that you have a life outside of him.

This will make him feel more comfortable about chasing after you because he knows that he's not the only thing in your life.

If you are always available for him, he will likely lose interest.

Have other options

Men are competitive.

They compete with everything and everyone. To get his attention, you need to awake this side of him. 

How to you go at it?

You keep yourself busy.

I don't believe in having a roster of men or dating 3 men at a time.

But I do believe in NOT obsessing over him. He will feel or smell that you are desperate.

You keep yourself busy with passionate activities. 

keep yourself busy

He will admire you and be a little jealous of your love for other activities at the same time.

Then only he will fight for your attention.

Leave the chase to the guy

Men are not always the most communicative people.

They can be afraid of commitment and they want to be in control.

So, they won't necessarily make the first move.

However, they know when they are interested in a girl, to keep her attention, they have to.

They will not take the chance of another one snagging you. They will keep you interested.

If he has a secure attachment style, he will do this. Otherwise, you are in for a roller coaster ride.

Flirt with the guy - Learn to flirt

The first thing that you can do is to smile at him when he comes near. The second thing is to playfully tease him and laugh with him. 

The third thing that you can do is to flirt with him and give him compliments on his appearance or his clothes.

You should also try to be friendly and open towards the guy by asking questions about himself or his life.

Be confident, but not too aggressive or too shy.

You have to find the right balance between the two extremes so that he doesn't think that you're too desperate or too tough to get close to.

Flirting is a way to get into his head, to make him imagine how great he would be, according to who he is, in specific situations.

1) Smile and make eye contact.

2) Show interest in what he is saying.

3) Act confident, but not too confident.

4) Touch his arm or hand lightly when you are talking to him.

5) Make a joke about something he said or did.

6)Give him a compliment after he has said/bragged/boosted on something that he has accomplished. Let's say he says ''you know I have told him that I would not accept this anymore'' you then continue with ''yes I know that you are not a doormat and communicate and command respect from people.''

He will be quiet and enjoy inside of him that rush of warmth that you have given to him.

Men are not used to receive compliments.

men compliments

So give him a few moments to process that surprised gift.

How to flirt with a guy over text

1) Compliment him on something specific and genuine that you like about him. Specifically on something masculine, a masculine trait that he has. He'll know that you are not copy-pasting compliments to other guys.

2) Ask him someting chivalrious, if he would do it for you. Exemple: ''I see that you play guitar, will you serenade me on day and make me blush?''

3) ''Oh I like your comment on this. It will be useful if one day I need you to defend me against people who want to belittle me''

4)'' I am just thinking on how these hands could be of great use...''

You will get his attention. He will keep thinking and reading about these lines.

Avoid texting or calling the guy in a needy or an anxious way

I have found that texting a guy is not a problem. Initiating the conversation is rather flattering to him. 

What you need to be careful is if you are needy in your conversation with him.

You can reply fast. As long as it is not intense of needy again. It has to be on a friendship side. As he replies and nourishes the conversation, yes, you drop a flirty

Have a sense of humor

We all have bad days, but there's a way to make even the worst day better. All you need is a sense of humor.

Don’t rush into a relationship

You have to make sure that you know him and that he is worth your time.

Reverse psychology is your best friend

7) Resists him a bit. Pull back a bit.

Let's say he says ''One day I will marry you'' resists a bit. Don't give in easily. You can resist by saying jockingly ''oh that is a nice thought but right now I am busy

Don’t give the guy any extra benefits

The guy doesn't deserve your feminine and soft benefits yet. These traits are drugs to men.

You need to have a plan where you are giving out these as he is doing good things to you; to the merit.

If you don't do this, he will loose interest very fast. That is the way it works.

Let him be in charge. Give him the mental space and the time space to initiate himself to you.

The guy is the one who needs to be in charge. It's not important what he does, as long as he is in charge and you're not.

Don't sleep with him immediately

Don't have sex with him right away. You want to see if he's a good kisser, and you want to gauge his interest in you before you go any further.

it is important for the woman to see if the man is interested in her and for her to gauge his interest before she goes any further.

Don't nag.

It will give you nothing. It is not worth it. You won't get what you want.

And it will push him away.

Instead, pull back. Just pull back a little bit. 

Trust me, he will catch your drift and come around. It will make him think and figure out what he needs to do to bring your closer.

Then only, when he asks you can tell him about your needs and desires. He will be in a position of listening.

Often, you won't even need to tell him anything. He will understand what you need and give it to you.

Some distance (emotional distance), works wonders to get your needs met.

Be and become the best version of yourself

If you want to be the best version of yourself, then you need to do what makes you happy.

You need to do what makes you feel like your old self again.

The key is to find that thing that you enjoy doing and then do it as often as possible.

Heal your wounds through therapy of through reading.

Increase your physical health

Get enough sleep.

Go back to school.

Sign up for that class that has been on the back of your minds.

Learn a new craft.

Reconnect with old friends.

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