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How do you know when a Man is in Love
by Caroline T.

  • When he starts picking you over his friends.  He will spend a quiet Friday night with you instead of playing poker or going for a drink only with his friends.   
  • When he seems to be overjoyed when he meets her and when he spends time with her.  The man is in love.
  • When he gradually welcomes her feminine stuff in his house; her special soap in the bathroom, her earrings in the bedroom and her tampons under the sink.
  • A man in love is when he makes long term plan about sharing his activities with her.  He will make sure that his girlfriend can participate in his social activities. Make him fall deeply in love with this
  • When he never really thought about getting married or having children and he wants those things with her
  • He will take care of himself financially, physically and spiritually to make her feel secure and happy.
  • He will wake up before her and makes sure that she is okay, wonders if she is hungry, checks to see if she is warm enough or if she would need anything else.
  • He constantly tries to impress her; he will pick her up and brings her home, brings her food, offers to pay for some activities, gives her surprises, bring her on fabulous trips like an Hawaii beach resort
  • For a man in love, other temptations are not a threat.  He is just not interested in any of those distractions

She will have no doubt in her mind.

She won’t need to ask. 

She will feel it in her guts. 

If she doesn’t, and still remains with him, she is settling for less

About the Author:
Who is Caroline? She is a growing expert on love, relationship, romance because she is reading a lot on the subject. She is gladly sharing her knowledge and experience. To continue receiving tips on how to get the love life that you want, you can subscribe free to her newsletter at http://www.everydaybetterliving.com

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