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The Psychology of Impotence
by Chris Morrow

it's akin to the stories people who have gained a great deal of weight often say "I feel like a thin person trapped in a fat person's body". 

For men it's "I feel like an impotent man trapped in a body that now has full sexual function."

Cure impotence and sexual performance anxiety

The psychology of impotence is about viewing your new life - with sexual function - as a new beginning, complete with all the new emotions that may be experienced.

There's no point in trying to "recapture" your life the way it was prior to impotence, regardless of whether that was only months ago or many years ago. Time moves on, and trying to live out life the way it used to be is a sure-fire bet for failure

The Psychology of Impotence in a Relationship 

Finding an effective treatment to restore erectile function is not a guarantee that you will find an effective treatment for a relationship in need of psychological, physical or emotional repair. And in most situations it's not a "cure" for intimacy, romance or monogamy.

Cure impotence and sexual performance anxiety

The restoration of erectile function can quickly and unexpectedly alter the dynamics of a relationship, particularly when impotence has been a long-term problem.

A profound, and often immediate, change in male sexual function is no small matter, and cannot be dealt with in the time it takes to swallow a little pill. 

We live in an age of "quick fixes", and while it's true that impotence medications can quickly help overcome physiological problems, it's the couple who must resolve their relationship issues. And that takes dedication, effort - and time.

The renewal of sexual function is viewed by a number of men as being given a "second chance". 

They don't take their restored function for granted and are usually willing and eager to explore their feelings and their relationship with renewed hope and vigor. Sadly, that's not always the case.

Many men who have dealt with impotence for a long period of time find that being able to resume intercourse is not the solution for a disintegrating relationship. 

New and unfamiliar pressures can be exerted on both partners and it's often a time when a couple need to seriously evaluate the health of their relationship. 

Evaluating your relationship and your sex life in an honest and candid way can have an impact on both of you. 

The Meaning of Sex in Your Relationship

It's no secret that men and women react differently to sex - before, during and afterwards. 

Mutually satisfying sex is an integral part of a healthy, well-developed relationship.

As part of the solid foundation between two people, it can bring intimacy, joy and trust to each partner.

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