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Top Ten Reasons Men Dump their Girlfriends

Below you'll find the top reasons men dump their girlfriends, according to the subjects in our survey.

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1. She's more interested in finding a husband than get to know me. 

Many men feel women are looking for a man to make their own dream happen.

They feel used.


2. She doesn't have her own life. 

Who enjoys a clingly person?


3. She kept pressuring me to get married. 

Getting married should come from the heart. Not from pressure. It is your dream. Not his.


4. She already does my laundry and has sex with me. Why should I marry her? 

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk.


5. Bad sex. 

If there is no chemistry, they are not girlfriends for a long term. Dump!


6. She cheated on me. 

A broken cup, even repaired, still shows its cracks.


7. She wouldn't give me any space. 

Men fall in love with their girlfriends when there is some emotional distance for a few days or few hours.


8. She tried to get me to marry her by getting pregnant. 


9. Nag. Nag. Nag. 


10. She didn't challenge me. Boring.

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