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Why Men Text dont Call After First Date 
 by Simon Hillier

In face-to-face land, we don't need to solely rely on our bogus communication skills.

We can flash our boyish smiles, tenderly hold your hand, make stupid jokes, or attempt handstands. Anything to distract you from what we have to say.

As visual creatures, we feel right at home here. We can gauge your reaction to our antics, read your body language, and take peeks at your cleavage when you're not looking.

On the phone, we feel naked and exposed. Sometimes we might be.

Once you stop talking, we are expected to reply, and we know you are listening intently with those inbuilt radars. We open our mouths and the words are almost too terrified to come out.

We can feel your analyzing mind ticking over asking, "What did he mean by that?"

"How is getting your dog stoned funny?" between "mm hmm"'s and deafening silence. Our confidence falters as we grasp for insightful comments and sweet anecdotes. It really hurts our brains, alright?

Then along comes SMS, beep beeping like a beacon of light towards the shallow world of manhood, offering the perfect weapon against verbal interaction.

We can make you feel desired whilst having a beer with our mates at the pub. Make him fall deeply in love with this

We have time to deliver the perfect funny line. It enables us to absorb your probing questions and reply with confidence.

Even end the conversation with a suggestive rendezvous, without committing to a date, and still come out looking good.

You want to know why a guy sends you endless text messages and never calls? Think of his mind as a refrigerator.

If he's insatiable for a taste of you the next day, he slips you between his leftover pizza and six-pack of beer.

If he's not that keen, you're his spaghetti bolognaise. A delicious dish, but he doesn't really want you two nights running.

So he's put you on ice between the brunette behind the bank counter, and the redhead from the gym.

So what's the answer if you really like the guy?

Stop making it easy for him to keep you at arms length. He's riding Message Street and there's no sign of traffic. If you want him, you have to turn the tables.

It's time to get out of the party pies, and into the pepperoni. It means taking the SMS game to the trenches. Where the hunter becomes the hunted and one false move can be fatal.

Simon's Recipe To Turn Swaggering Players into Begging, Pleading, Ground you Walk on Worshippers in 4 Easy Steps!

Yes, to all of the above. Hey, don't give me that look...I'm just a guy!

Now you know our game, it's time to unleash hell.

About the Author:
Simon Hillier is a freelance writer based in Sydney, Australia. His company, Get There, provides copywriting, travel writing, feature articles, scripts and ebooks that leap out of the mundane masses to do cartwheels for your audience. For more articles and further information visit http://www.getthere.com.au

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