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Should Women Fake It?
 by Devlyn Steele

Sounds complicated but it is not. In essence we are training people what we like and don’t like.  

A dog, for example, repeats good behavior rewarded. However, if you reward a dog for unwanted behavior like begging at the table, the dog will repeat that behavior and always beg. To fake an orgasm is to confirm to your partner that what they were doing was good. 

This creates a positive feeling in your partner and they will do more of the same. Unlike the dog, training your partner to perform this trick will not leave you begging for more. Make him fall deeply in love with this

Trying to break the cycle will confuse your partner creating doubt. Your partner will lose confidence and never know when to trust you, is he pleasing you or not?  When this happens sex will only get worse and the relationship strained. 

“To answer the question should women fake it? No! Never fake it.” 

Problems, as much as we would like them to, do not just go away.

The longer you go without confronting and handling them, the bigger they become. Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the leading causes of couples splitting up.

The number one reason for sexual dissatisfaction is lack of communication.  Forgoing communication and opting to simply fake it will only widen the gap between you two and ultimately ruin the relationship. 

It is vital that you develop a level of communication with your partner that allows for frank and honest about sex talk.

But, how do you tell your partner what turns you on? First set the ground rules between yourselves that sex talk is healthy, fun and in no way to be taken in an offensive manner, then: 

Talk during sex.

Don’t be afraid of hurting your partner’s ego by taking the time to teach them what brings you the most pleasure.

Men in particular are very eager and happy students in this area. Just relax. It is ok to ask, “Do you like this?” or “How does this feel?” 

By all means, if you are asked such questions, be honest with your answers: “Yes, that feels good.” or, “I liked it when you did this instead” and, “It really turns me on when you do this.” 

Never ask after sex, “Was it good?” I can tell you that no one likes to be asked this question. File it under the same category as “Do I look fat in this?” 

Talk about sex when you are not having sex.

Ask questions and keep learning more about each other. Tell each other your fantasies and be willing to explore them, within reason.

Opening and maintaining these communication lines will make you both more comfortable about the subject. Talking can also serve to build excitement as prolonged foreplay.

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