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Engaged Holidays Proposal Ideas - 10 Holiday Inspired Proposal ideas
By Cori Locklin

For engaged holidays proposal ideas December is the most wonderful time of the year; it’s also the most popular time to pop the question.

Almost 1 million couples will get engaged this holiday season.

Need a creative engaged holidays proposal ideas that will deck your sweetie’s halls?

Let this list of proposal ideas inspired by favorite seasonal tunes help you pop the question in true holiday style.

Silent Night

Ah, the first snowfall…the sparkling white silence, the blanketed landscape catching the glow of the twinkling lights and stars above.

The season’s natural landscape sets the perfect ambiance for a romantic marriage proposal.

walking on the snow

Take a moonlit stroll through the new fallen snow, than ask her to be your wife.

Jingle Bell Rock

Arrange for the two of you to put up the holiday decorations together.

Carefully attach a sparkling rock to her favorite ornament. Give it to her once all the rest have been placed on the tree.

And a Happy New Year

Ringing in the New Year goes hand in hand with a glass (or two) of the bubbly.

Make hers extra sweet by dropping a dazzling diamond in her glass.

Present it to her at the stroke of midnight.

Let it Snow

Ask her in a winter wonderland; write “Will You Marry Me” in fresh snow.

All She Wants for Christmas

If you suspect she may be on alert for a marriage proposal this holiday season, throw her off track during your gift exchange.

Give her a typical present.

When she starts to think that it's not happening this time, suddenly remember another gift – and surprise her with the ring.

Home for the Holidays

Dreading the annual day of airport mayhem required to visit your families for the holidays?

If you’ll be traveling together this season, make it a trip to remember.

Stowe the engagement ring in your carry-on (un-wrapped of course). Have the boarding attendants announce a message for passenger (her name).

Then pop the question just before you’re about to board. Hey, they may even bump you up to first class.

Caroling, Caroling

Have carolers come to the door and sing her favorite holiday tune –

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