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Guys Love What Women Don't

by Ed’s

Remember last week’s column when I talked about that annoying little habit women have of wanting to eat food off a man’s plate when they’re out with one of us at a restaurant?

Well, I had a certain lady write me an email in response, and she told me that she somewhat agreed with me re what I was saying, but, added that it really didn’t matter too much as, “...getting upset about us eating food off a man’s plate is strictly a guy’s thing. It‘s no big deal to us.”

A guy’s thing. I’ve heard that terminology since back in high school when I first started dating.

What it refers to is the fact that there are just some things that men like that women don’t.

Those little things that separate the sexes, and make them what they are.

And, after thinking for a good twenty seconds, I’m gonna be kind enough to list what some of the major “guy’s things” are:

1. The Three Stooges - For some unknown reason, guys love the Stooges and women don’t.

What’s not to love?

They exhibited some of the greatest physical comedy ever, and some of their sayings were priceless. Remember some of these routines:

Curly: “Whatja say?”

Moe: *gives Curly a two-finger eye poke*

Curly: “That’s what I thought ya said.”


Shemp: (Looking into a mirror) “There I yam - and as pretty as apicture.”

Moe: “Yeah. Of an ape.” (Then slaps Shemp hard).

Isn’t that great?

I’ll bet lots of you guys out there are laughing out loud.

On the other hand, I’ll bet that most of you ladies are saying, “I just don’t get it, I never thought the Stooges were all that funny.”

This is a great first example of a “guy’s thing.” But there’s plenty more.

2. Mountain Dew - Diet Mountain Dew is my favorite soft drink in the world.

I love its mellow, citrus based taste, and it has more caffeine in it than any other soft drink.

But, what I’ve discovered is, try offering one to a woman.

For some unknown reason, experience has taught me that eight out of ten women will turn a Mountain Dew down, saying, “I just don’t like it.”

What’s not to like?

It tastes  good, keeps you awake, and it looks the same leaving your body as when it went in.

A totally useful product.

3. Burping loudly - I’m not going to say anything else here or I’ll get in trouble, but just suffice it to say that most men get a big kick out of this, and all women despise it.

No one ever said that Mother Nature is always pretty, you know.

4. Hating ties - Any man that has a testosterone count higher than Liberace hates neck ties.

Absolutely despises them.

They had to be invented by a fervent man-hater - the problem is, women love for you to wear one just as badly as you hate doing so.

I’d rather spend a Saturday poisoning wasp nests than to wear a neck tie to a formal social function.

Unfortunately, the women in our lives can give you pretty convincing reasons to wear one, so, we have to do it. But it still stinks like a dead frog in the hot sun, though.

5. Not wanting to use strange toilets - For some reason, women can go into a restroom in a restaurant, gas station, or other public facility and use it without hesitation.

Conversely, most men hate using a strange toilet.

For us, images of mutant bacteria that could eat whole cows alive live on those toilet seats.

I’ve even resisted going to the bathroom instead of being forced to use a strange one.

Honestly, I think most of you ladies out there need to rethink this one.

And there you have it.

Some of the most well known “guy’s things” there are.

Probably, if I’m guessing right, I’d say that some of you ladies out there might want equal time, maybe a future column about “gal’s things.”

The only thing is, I’m not biologically qualified to write it. My suggestion would be to contact my good friend, columnist Amy Eason (www.amy-eason.com).

Tell her I wrote a column about guy’s things, and that you think a response is in order.

That’ll get her back up enough that I’ll guarantee you she’ll produce a wonderful, women friendly masterpiece for all you ladies...

About the author:

Ed’s latest book, “Rough As A Cob,“ can be ordered by callingRiver City Publishing toll-free at: 877-408-7078. He’s also a popular after dinner speaker, and his column runs in a number of Southeastern publications. You can contact him via email at: ed3@ed-williams.com, or through his web site address at:www.ed-williams.com.