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How to be a good boyfriend

by Caroline Tee

how to be a good boyfriend

Support her.

As a boyfriend, it's your duty to support her whenever she's down or sad.

Encourage her dreams, however absurd they may seem.

It's important for both of you to support each other no matter what.  It goes both ways.  

Listen to her

Girls need someone who will listen to them without constantly interjecting with solutions or advice. 

Whenever she vents her frustrations, repeat what she said to make sure you understand her. 

She will feel understood.  This will help her relax.  She will feel at ease with you.

Become her emotional hero

Having intense self-doubt, insecurities about most decisions, emotions that are easily hurt or easily irritated are big turn offs for women.  

Confidence, self-control, and staying strong in turbulent times will make her happy.  Getting and keeping a woman will not work for you if you are cruel, inconsiderate, and deeply insecure.

Almost all women dream secretly that the man they love, or meet will go to therapy and remove their emotional blocks to true happiness.

He is a true hero.

You need to deal with and solve your emotional baggage.  Then you will be respected.

Secure men are capable of building a life, creating a home for the women they love.  Insecure men tend to be at the poorer end of society. 

Feeling secure leads to prosperity.

‘’Due to the massive amount of personal growth I had to go through to become a more confident, emotionally strong and socially intelligent guy (all to get women to feel proper attraction for me), I ended up getting promoted at work (three times within six months).’’- source The Modern Man

For a woman, a hero is a man who has emotional strength, reliability, and stability. 

So, fix your sh**t.

Maintain a balance between your work, hobbies, family and time spent with her

You must let go of tunnel vision. It is getting in the way of your success.

Make time for her. 

Make sure she does not have to wait for you to be free.


Be the ‘’Man with a Plan’’.

Plan dates.
Plan trips.
Plan hobbies.
Plan household chores contributions.
Plan. Plan. Plan.


Take initiatives.  

And do what you say. 

Women find this very sexy.
So masculine.  

Don't let her handle everything.  


Conflicts will inevitably arise. Handle them wisely and calmly


You can be frustrated, yes.

Express your frustration to her in a respectful manner.

Take a break.  Go for a walk.  Tell her you need to take a breather.

Most of all, let her know that you will be back and when.

Then talk it out.

Don’t run away or keep it inside.  Let it out. 

It may not be the reaction you had hoped for even if you have been respectful. And it's okay.  

It might be that way the first few times.

But as time comes along, if you keep being mindful and respectful, she will come to react respectfully as well.

It's okay if you can't agree on everything.

You won't share the same political views.

You won't share the same hobbies.

Your passions will differ.

You don't have to spend every free moment with her.

She may not like all of your friends. Neither of you will like all of her friends.

It's possible to be in the same room with her and still have your time alone.

Watch a movie together, read a book while she listens to music, etc...)

Hug her.  A lot.  And often. 

Following a conflict resolution.

On a whim.

Following a bad day at work.

Anytime you like

For whatever reason she needs.

Show her now how much you like her

By complimenting her.

Hold her hand.

Let others know what you find extraordinary about her.

Make no secret of it.

Being vulnerable is okay.  

Regularly showing your love to her will bring you rewards

Listen only to your guy friends who make their wives/girlfriends happy

Do you have a single friend who you find fun and exciting?  

Allow him to be just that.  

Have fun with him.  Do not allow him to influence you.  

The chances are he will end up alone and miserable.


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