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How Avoid Fighting with Girlfriend

by Caterina Christakos

Those jeans look fine. 

No, I said a phillips screwdriver. 

Yeah, I guess she's pretty. 

What women hear: 

You're fat.  

You're stupid. 

You would cheat on me in a second. 

Men and women have a very different way of interpreting the English language, if you haven't guessed. 

Communicating with your girlfriend or someone you hope will be your girlfriend can be a minefield. 

Here are some classic answers that all men should remember, no matter what you personally think.

"Wow did you lose weight?"  

This should be said in the exact moment that you look up to give her your opinion of her outfit. I know she will say," Give me your honest opinion."

Your honesty will get you into trouble 9 times out of ten, when it comes to the way she looks.

You may think you are complimenting her by telling her she looks fine but believe me you have just handed her the world's biggest insult. 

"You are probably right."  

This allows you to appease her & still leave yourself an out if she is completely off base. Oh! also never bring out the I told you so, when you are right. You'll be sleeping on the couch for a week.  

" I was wrong."  

I know you guys hate to say this but many times you are completely in the right BUT women have been trained to believe that we are always right and that even if we aren't that men should apologize anyway. 

I don't know how that tradition started but it is here to stay. Save yourself some grief; apologize now so you can get on to the make up sex. 

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About the author: Caterina Christakos, Orlando Fl
 Written by Caterina Christakos (c)2001 for more writing tips check out: http://www.howtowriteachildrensbook.com