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How Make Woman Fall in Love With You

By Jennifer Pulaski

Women generally look out for some key qualities in a man.

Some men are blessed with these qualities but if you are like most men, you will have to cultivate them.

They are pretty easy to acquire if you know how.

You will succeed or fail with women to the degree you absorb and practice these secrets hidden from most men.

Have you ever wondered why all the sweet, lovely and sexy girls go after some guys, and not others?

Why do some men labor so hard to attract women while others seem to have all the girls they could ever need at the flick of a thumb?

Some of the secrets will be revealed in this article.


Are you a smart dresser?

If you are not, then you may actually be denying yourself easy and, for the best part, free access to lots of attractive ladies.

Ladies love clean, stylishly dressed guys.

Psychologically, it shows you are well organized and can take care of yourself.

In her mind, she says, “If he can take care of himself, then I bet he can take good care of me”.

You have heard it said that first impression matters a lot, but I will add that your regular appearance is very important to women.

How you dress is a big chunk of the impression you create.

Do something about your clothes today.

Dressing smart is not only cheap but the wise thing to do if you want women to run after you!


Women love and luxuriate in compliments.

They especially love to have their appearance complimented at every opportunity.

If you can fulfill this craving for compliments, they will always be at your beck and call.

Girls generally love a guy who tells them they are beautiful at all times.

Please don’t say I told you to repeat,” You are beautiful”, to a girl 24 hours a day.

That would be nonsensical.

Just say how good she looks in appropriate situations and do it regularly.

You should never, never grow tired of doing it.

Even my Mom loves it so much when I tell her she looks lovely!

Imagine the wonders it would do for you when you begin to practice it on the ladies you desire.

Yes, it will turn you into a woman magnet!


You may have heard it said, “Nobody listens, everyone is just waiting their turn to speak”. In no area is this saying more important than in dating women.

If you monopolize the talking, girls will run away from you.

Girls love a guy who listens with rapt attention when they talk.

It makes a girl feel she is the center of your world. She would gladly spill out her most intimate secrets to you.

But please I didn’t say you should listen like a moron.

You must murmur or talk (briefly of course!) at the appropriate places in the discussion. 

That's right!

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