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Perfect Girlfriend Gift
by Arlene Krell

Are you dreading it?

You know, the crowds at the malls, the wandering the stores or hours surfing the internet.

Even then, deciding what is a great present can be difficult.

That perfect gift for your girlfriend is out there; it really is!

Here are a few tips to help you discover it, the perfect girlfriend gift:

1. Make it something that lasts. While flowers and candy are nice, your girlfriend wants something from you that she can cherish, not consume.

If it’s a relationship that you want to keep long term, give a physical gift that she hold onto into the future.

2. Make it something that doesn’t have to fit. Unless you are absolutely certain of her size, don’t even try.

Giving her a size 12 sweater, when she wears a size 6 is just plain bad.

It implies that you think she’s large.

If you give her something that’s too small, she’ll be embarrassed because she’s larger that you thought.

You can win with this!

So either do some snooping in her closet to find her size or stick with things that don’t need to fit precisely.

3. Make it something personal.

You want to feed her soul with this present. So forget the new car stereo, the new espresso machine and the new bookends. The perfect girlfriend gift is a gift for her, not her house or her car.

4. Make it something intimate. The more intimate your relationship, the more personal the gift should be.

You’ll have to gauge this but - in general -

Get the idea?

Reflect your intimacy in the gift, but stay clear of sexually charges gifts. That could backfire.

5. Make it something luxurious. The best gift is something that you would never buy for yourself.

For a woman, the ultimate example is jewelry, but it could also be a cashmere sweater, a fine leather bag or silk undies or even an Hawaii vacation resort.

A luxurious gift tells her that you feel she’s special, not everyday ordinary.

There you have it – some guidelines to get you started. If you visit the retail stores, many can provide you with assistance in selection.

However, if you shop online, you are more on your own. If you are lost and need guidance, go back to classic gifts like jewelry.

You just can’t go wrong with jewelry.

It meets all of the criteria given in this article. Whether it is a necklace, bracelet or earrings, your girlfriend will love any piece of jewelry you select because if came from you as a perfect girlfriend gift.

But, then again, that will be true of any gift you give!

About the Author:
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