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Proposing Marriage Greatest Christmas Gift
by Brian Borgia

When should you propose?

Because proposing marriage greatest christmas gift of all.

You probably have friends that got engaged after just a short time dating & others who waited many years until making such a big commitment.

When it comes to your own happiness, how do you know when the time is right?

My parents gave me a great piece of advice.

They said that you shouldn't marry someone you can live with, but you should marry someone who you can't live without.

That was the clincher for me when I decided to propose to Heidi, my wife of eight years.

The thought of spending my life without her was unbearable.

If you are ready to make this big decision, the next step is to actually propose.

It doesn't have to be during a holiday or special occasion, but that can add to the excitement.

Christmas is a popular time to propose because it is such a magical season - filled with hope and love.

If you "pop the question" during a big holiday like Christmas, you need to decide if you want it to be a public or private proposal.

Perhaps you are close to her family & you want everyone to witness this special event.

But you may also want to keep it a little more personal & propose just to her and not her entire family.

Whatever you decide, put some time and thought into the proposal. Keep in mind that your proposal story will be told over and over again.

Don't be the person who proposes when she is exiting the shower or brushing her teeth.

Think about how she would like to be proposed to.

Then make a good, solid plan.

About the author:

Brian Borgia is owner of Romantic Room Designs, a company based in Monterey County, California, that decorates hotel rooms for special occasion celebrations such as wedding anniversaries, honeymoons, proposals and birthdays. The same designer concepts are also shipped out in Romance Inside A Box (anywhere in the U.S.) and including design instructions. He is the author of the book Northern California's Guide for Fun, Excitement and Romance and lives in Monterey with his wife, Heidi and two kids.http://www.romanticroomdesigns.com