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Some Essential Dating Advice For Men
by Mike Pilinski

If you're a single guy still looking for your dream POA (piece of a**), I'm sure you've absorbed lots of advice on how best to meet & date women by now. A lot of it is "common sensical" as you well know. 

Therefore, assuming you know enough not to show up on a first date looking like you just combed your hair with an M-80 or wearing cowboy boots & shorts, maybe a few of the following ideas can give you just enough of an edge to make the difference between Date #2 with an exciting little fox -- plus a date with ol' Rosie Palm instead. 

Check these out : 

1 ) Don't Try To Act Like A Fake On The First Date

A woman often makes a far more profound emotional investment into a relationship than a man does. So for her, TRUST is an immensely important issue.

Dating is not just a convenient way to get her rocks off, it's a case study in the male psyche. Can she trust you to ever be a good future father?

Don't laugh, unless she's middle-aged & well beyond the kids & husband phase of her life, this "mating calculus" is ALWAYS running somewhere in the back of her mind. Acting like a phony with an obviously fake 'come-on' personality only demonstrates how easily you are willing to embrace deception in order to get something you want. 

To any woman other than the sad exception of the chick who's looking for another loser for her next AA reclamation project (maybe 10% to 15% of the female population), you are TOTAL POISON. A potential cheater and heartbreaker just waiting for his next victim to arrive.

She may dump you right away, OR depending on the depth of her general bitterness towards men, keep you around to engage in a little recreational tease and torturing if she's got a vendetta to settle with a guy like you. Beware! 

2 ) Create New Memories Instead Of Swapping Them Here's the very best dating advice I can ever give anyone: 

in order to make any date memorable and fun, spend 90% of your activities in the present moment. It's easy to get caught up in the "talking trap" on a date -- where the two of you sit around and get lost in deeper and deeper conversation. These 'chatting dates' can slip out of control and become subtle passion-killers though, especially if you're not careful to keep the big picture in focus.

Before you know it, you're spilling your guts about Father Hamhands from your altar boy days or waxing poetic about your hemorrhoids and how they love to swell up in the springtime.


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