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Some Essential Dating Advice For Men
by Mike Pilinski

As Joey from the TV show Friends once scolded his buddy Chandler, "... ok, that's TOO MUCH information!..." For a seduction to go off like a thing of beauty, you must reveal yourself SLOWLY -- bit-by-bit -- as you gradually come to know her. 

Think of dating as an emotional veil dance... a striptease -- the point of which is to make her anticipate when the next Veil of Male Mystery will come off! This is the kind of thing she's been DREAMING about all her life.


Because it makes everything that's to follow (including the sex) all that much more delicious for her. So put ACTION ahead of endless yakking.

Stay active on a date (it doesn't have to be an extreme sport-fest or anything, just visiting a flea market will do...) so that you are BUILDING a memory with her instead of SHARING one.

Focus on having experiences with her that the two of you can reminisce about some day in the future -- instead of spending time caught up in a lot of drawn-out amateur psychotherapy sessions in a bar somewhere.

Conversation is very important in any new relationship, and is the pathway to her eventual sexual surrender, but you must provide her with a REASON to want to know so much about you *FIRST* before opening your soul. Never forget the importance of your veil dance. 

3 ) Don't Be A Bore A boring person is anti-charismatic -- which is to say that, instead of making people feel GOOD about themselves by acting interested in them, the boring person makes us want to run away screaming from the agony of having to listen to another second of his self-absorbed droning!

The point of conversation should always be focused on drawing HER interests out instead of dwelling on your own (but don't come across like a ruthless Nazi interrogator -- go easy on the unbroken string of questions). Share a little -- but keep YOUR interests lost in the background. Her response to a few casual queries about her life or current dreams holds clues to your *LifeLine*. Cling to it tightly and work on expanding its scope. Submerge your own ego for the first few dates.

Don't worry, when you finally hook her she'll begin questioning you intently... maybe TOO intently! But that probably won't happen until after you've had sex. (Then get ready for the onslaught!)

4 ) Forget About Trying To Act "Like Yourself" The standard dating advice of "being yourself" or "acting like yourself" (whatever the hell that means) is pure "Oprah-istic" B.S. Learn to strike a balance between coming on like a phony- baloney (which we talked about earlier), and seeming too safe and friendly.

Seduction is a delicate bubble that can be burst with increasingly less effort as it ripens.

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