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Some Essential Dating Advice For Men
by Mike Pilinski

A first date is NOT the place to remain in the role of your everyday average old sort of guy... that's spells B-O-R-I-N-G. A spark must be present to ignite the *fires of desire* in the old primal portion of her brain.

So that means you have to be EXCITED to be out with her! When you think about it, it should be easy to get juiced up... dating someone for the very first time is not something that happens every day in anyone's life. 

Face it, ordinary life sucks. Romance is a fantasy voyage, an escape from the 9 to 5 daily drudgery of work, etc. Treat this rare event for what it is... something unique, unrepeatable and potentially unforgettable.

Even if she seems too cool to care, trust me... her romance motor is humming along in high gear. 

5 ) Five Minutes Of Nerves Is Normal, Then Calm Down After some initial awkwardness due to understandable jitters, you should be able to calm down and hit your stride.

If you have a real problem controlling automatic body reactions to nervousness (bad sweating, stuttering, facial twitching, etc.) my best advice is to get a book on yoga and practice it WITH AN OPEN MIND. You don't have to go nuts and join the Green Party or anything, but DO try some of the deep breathing and relaxation techniques.

They really work and can give you the self-control edge you might need. This will project through in your attitude as a cool confidence that is the unmistakable sign of a High Status Male! 

Learn to always keep your movements around the women you're trying to seduce graceful and deliberate like a snake charmer.

Modulate your voice in a throaty style (lowered volume) and keep the tone of your words sounding a little bit "conspiratorial" (without going overboard and making a fool of yourself).

A squeaky voice spells fear and sounds adolescent, so strive to keep it in check. Be self-aware. 

6 ) Obsession Is The Hallmark Of The Weak Male Dominant males will show an interest in any attractive woman they encounter because they are highly sexually driven.

But -- because they have many options with females open to them -- they do NOT act obsessive about any *particular* woman.

So don't be obsessed with her... just be interested. Proclaiming ridiculously inappropriate nonsense like "...I love you" or "You're the girl I've been searching for my whole life..." on a first or second date is the frightening talk of the potential stalker.

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