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Some Essential Dating Advice For Men
by Mike Pilinski

You become RADIOACTIVE to women once word of your engaging in this kind of bizarre behavior spreads.

And it will spread... women gossip like demons. So chill the subservient groveling and act like you've been down the dating & mating road a few times already.

 7 ) No Matter What Happens, Assume She Likes You... and Believe It I'm not kidding here... this is an essential Jedi mind trick that you MUST somehow learn to play on yourself.

Simply ASSUME that any woman you're working will *always* like you -- and do whatever the hell it takes to sell this idea to your unconscious mind!

Women can become mesmerized by men who seem to be captivated by them. But this kind of 'vibe' can only shine through your body language if it's GENUINE -- and for that to happen, you have to believe that she will respond favorably to you... *no matter what*.


Your attitude is a naked expression of your unconscious beliefs about yourself. Therefore, it is interpreted BY OTHERS as revealing the absolute truth about you... whether YOU like it or not.

Control the self-image that you project to the world by pushing the crappy beliefs about yourself out of your brain, and replace them with empowering ones that will advance your own personal 'cause' for a change. 

Strive to deliberately manipulate this critical part of your consciousness, and watch your world change before your eyes like magic.

Before long, you'll soon have your pick of all the best looking women in YOUR world!

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