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What Does She Expect Anyway?
by Gary Caine

That's not true, but we can go from 0 to 100 in 5.2 seconds. It takes longer for a woman. It takes awhile for a woman to get aroused.

I'm not talking about foreplay in physical terms, but emotional foreplay.

It's little things, like how you look at her when she walks into the room, being willing to hold her hand in public, saying nice things about her to your friends, and just letting her know you appreciate her that will get her in the mood for love.

I'm not telling you this to help you seduce your women, but to help you understand why she's not in the mood when you roll over in the morning after a night out in the bar.

She expects romance.

OK, you aren't the romantic type, neither am I.

You don't need to write love poems, or send her flowers every day. Little things can make a big difference.

Things like actually asking her out on a date, an occasional call from work, complementing her in front of her friends. Here's a quote from a friend of mine, Debbie Anderson...

"Women do a lot of little things and men tend to do one big thing, like surprising her at the last minute for a Hawaii vacation resort but women regard each little thing they do separately and equal, where men seem to think that one big thing covers for all the little things!

You see, that's a big secret....if men could learn to do all the little things they wouldn't need to do the big thing!"

Let her know you love her, and you will be plenty romantic enough, but "do" show her that you love her.

What she really expects is for you to show her that you love and respect her. That shouldn't be too hard should it?

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