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Having a Fun Valentine's Day for the Single and Dateless

By Michaela Scherr

If you’re, single, dateless with no mate in sight, you can still totally spoil yourself and have fun on Valentine’s Day in a number of special ways.

There are many advantages of your singledom. You’ll eliminate:

**The stress involved if you don’t get a card, flowers or chocolates!

**Receiving flowers with their use by date expired and in a color that doesn’t match anything you own;

**Having to eat out where you know you won’t like the food;

**Receiving humorous cards that you don’t find amusing and you don’t get the punch-line anyway;

**Making conversation and being nice when you’d rather be reading or sleeping;

**Going away on a surprise weekend away where there are NO shops and the only thing to do involves sporting activities;

Instead, as a single person you can spoil yourself silly as well as have fun doing any of the following:

Take a leisurely bath with rose essential oil and pink bath salts. Have some relaxation music in the background, light some pink and green candles, and place a few rose quartz crystals in your bath.

Meditate and reflect on all your wonderfulness and how you are continually learning, getting even better (if possible) at living life, remembering your closest friends and all the kind words and gestures they’ve shown you.

Whilst meditating, visualize with your mind's eye a bag you can call 'life skill toolkit' or something similar.

Then, as you recall all the wonderful things you've been told about how generous you are and what you've done for others (listened to their problems etc) place these memories inside your bag and breathe all those really wonderful and cool experiences fully throughout your body.

Set up in a room of your choice at home, light pink and red (scented rose) candles (remembering to always extinguish naked flames when leaving the room).

Next put on some soothing easy listening music.

Bring out your journal or diary or other special paper, then, using a special pen, maybe with pink, gold, blue ink (or other color of your choice) and write down all the really good and fabulous things about you.

Once you’ve done that write about all your dreams, your wishes, anything at all really that catches your fantasy.

This IS NOT a goal setting exercise, this is for you to access the authentic you and the dreams inside yourself.

Hire your favorite DVD or video. Cook your favorite meal or order in, pour yourself that special drink, turn the lights down low and enjoy spending time with you and only you.

Send a Valentine’s Day card to you, writing only what you want to hear about yourself.

You know what you want to hear about yourself so enjoy yourself as you write about how brilliant and outstanding you are.

How can you go wrong with sending yourself the nicest bunch of flowers you can afford, in the colors you love, and the perfume you love?

Treat yourself to a day of shopping where you want to shop, maybe get in a hairdressing appointment, have your nails done; go to a restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to but never had anyone to take you and just chill out.

Valentine's Day needn't only be for couples; it can also be for singles.

So have some fun and spoil yourself, because quite simply, you're worth it!

About the Author:
Michaela is a Transformational Coach, certified practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), writer and intuitive who is totally committed to helping others create positive and action oriented changes to their lives.

Michaela is the author of several e-books and publisher of a monthly newsletter called From My Desk, and Inspirational Musings, short fortnightly emails to inspire and give food for thought. http://www.michaelascherr.com