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Get Busy on A Thoughtful Valentine Gift

Do dishes for the first time in your life… find someone who knows how and ask them. The fact that you did that will be impressive. Give a weekend of your time waiting on her (or him) hand and foot.

Fetch her purse, open every door, call her m'lady and focus on what she wants next. Ever painted someone's toenails?

Be her loyal servant for a day or two (and see what you learn about her.)


Did you know that you can hire an artist for a reasonable sum and get custom art or illustration. Have a favorite poem illuminated by a calligrapher. Make something with your own hands… jewelry, art, pottery, carving, or his portrait in tile mosaic… walk around an art store for ideas.

Or have something with personal importance framed elaborately… a cocktail napkin you saved from your first date… the ticket stubs from the movie where you first whispered, "I love you."


Do they love a particular author, actor, or movie? Track down a first edition book, a movie theater lobby poster, or an autographed item. Buy a sheet of uncut collector cards for sports teams, comic book heros, or fantasy games.

Movie animation cells, rare recordings, and hard-to-get editions from other countries… all of these show you did some work to get them something they will love.


These are particularly special if you are normally not a sappy, gushing, romantic fool. Have trouble expressing your feeling in words?

Spend time writing her a poem or an essay about what she means to you. Give the gift of attention… remove all the things that normally keep you from relaxing together.

That can be tough for working families. Farm out the kids, put away the work, ignore the undone housework, and spent time reminiscing about why you love about each other. Make a lot of all the things you like about the other person and read it out loud.

Make the list loooong and feed him/her a candy heart or peeled grape with each item. "Over the top" is the key. Be a fool for her/him.


Get a fancy hotel room in your own city, order in room service, and watch movies for a whole weekend. If your partner has kids, YOU arrange the babysitter (enlist a relative). Give her a certificate for a spa weekend or a women's retreat.

Give him a afternoon at a men's spa for his first facial and massage. Get lightly-scented massage oil and set up a "spa" at home.. perhaps hire a professional massage therapist to give you his-n-hers massage or foot reflexology.

Getting the idea?

Put away your credit card and start brainstorming… Valentine's Day is just round the corner.

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