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Making Valentine's Day Special

by Robert Shevlin

Some call it a Hallmark holiday, but Valentine's Day is still a great and special time to share your feelings with those in your life who mean the most.

If you want to send flowers, but are seeking something a little different than roses, florists can provide many options to help you choose a bouquet that is right for you and suits your Valentine's style.

You may choose to send a mixed arrangement containing a variety of flowers, or you can choose a tall vase of all Calla Lilies or Tulips.

Orchids are perfect for the Valentine who is unique. You may also decide to send a flower basket or blooming plant.

Men like flowers, too!

Consider an elegant vase of all white flowers for the special man in your life.

Men are also drawn to vibrant flowers in reds and blues.

Even the manliest of men appreciate the beauty of flowers.

You won't want to use all the frills on a bouquet for a man, something simple still makes quite a vibrant statement, especially when he reads the message on the card.

You can get in touch with a local gift basket company and send a basket.

Most florists have connections or send baskets themselves. 

You can send a basket full of chocolates, coffees, teas, snacks, and other edibles.

Gift baskets can also contain bubble baths, lotions, candles, and can really be made to suit any theme or taste.

Ask your local florist or basket company for specific contents available for gift baskets.

Add "special touches" to your arrangement this is sure to please and make the gift more complete.

Plush stuffed animals and my lar or latex Balloons are popular additions to a floral arrangement or gift basket.

Stuffed animals and balloons brighten up any arrangement and get the delivery noticed.

Your local florist can add a personalized message to your gift.

Flowers are the ultimate expression of love, and your message can tell your Valentine exactly how you feel about them!

Think up something witty or romantic to say and have the florist write it on a card to convey the message you wish to send.

It is suggested to order your flowers in advance (a week ahead) of this busy holiday to ensure best selection and timely delivery.

Remember, to get the best value when purchasing flowers, you should always call a real local florist. "Order takers" charge you a fee to process your order, which isn't necessary to get a great bouquet or gift basket.

Often a portion of your money is absorbed by these "order takers", decreasing the value of your arrangement. By dealing with a florist directly, you get a better value, one-on-one contact and professional service!

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