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Forget that Valentine - Write a Love Letter! Here's How

by Evelyn Cole

Has anyone every given you a love letter?

If so, did you keep it? I bet you did.

If it was well written, I bet you framed it.

Have you ever given someone a love letter that they framed? No? Want to?

It's the very best valentine you can give anyone and easier to do than you think.

Just follow these simple directions:

1. Quickly write a list of everything that endears this person to you.

He or she could be a parent, child, cousin, friend, lover, spouse, teacher--or your boss (in extremely rare cases.)

2. Be specific.

You will be writing so fast you may include traits you don't like.

That's okay.

You can cross those out later.

3. Include physical characteristics that you know your recipient likes.

For example, if he has a full head of white hair (or purple) that he cares about enough to have a special barber, mention it.

4. Add specific humorous moments in your life together, not embarrassing ones, but those that you know he or she definitely enjoyed.

5. When you have a really long list, write your first draft. Begin with a general phrase such as, "I love you," or "Je taime, je t'adore, mon petit choux."

6. Arrange your paragraphs from your list and end with a general phrase such as "I love you." It's the details you include that make it a zinger!

7. Type, spell-check and wait a couple of days.

8. Make changes if needed, print and mail. (or roll into a fancy bottle and gift wrap.)

About the Author:© Evelyn Cole, MA, MFA, The Whole-mind Writer, http://www.write-for-wealth.com evycole@direcway.com Cole's chief aim in life is to convince everyone to understand the power of the subconscious mind and synchronize it with goals of the conscious mind. Along with "Mind Nudges" and "Brainsweep", she has published three novels and several poems that dramatize subconscious power.