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Wedding Planning in Vegas

las vegas wedding photoA wedding planning in Vegas will reward you with saved headaches and plenty of unique funLas Vegas is celebrating on an average of 120,000 weddings a year. 

The ceremony locations are numerous.  Las Vegas will give you the opportunity to create the outmost unique wedding. 

Marriage license

There are no waiting periods or elaborate paper work to be done.

The least expensive option, costing $50, is to marry at the Marriage Commission of Las Vegas.

Sometimes referred to as a desk wedding, easy wedding planning in Vegas, this type of ceremony may be a civil (non-religious) or a religious service.

Within one year of receipt of the marriage license a wedding ceremony must be performed in order to have a legal union, and marriages are legal and binding worldwide.

Scenic Las Vegas wedding - wedding planning in Vegas

The outdoor wedding venues with terrific views are mosttly outside of Las Vegas. The prices still remains interesting.

Those venues include the wedding receptions

Las Vegas_Wedding_Photography_ 1008


Las Vegas wedding chapels

Casino/Hotel Chapels

The casino/hotel chapels are nice and very affordable. Some of them have packages starting at $299. And they have their own wedding venues. The following are the most recommended:

There are 100's more to choose from.

The small independent wedding chapels are older, hence the possible outdated look. They are mostly located near the courthouse. And they are not in the best part of Las Vegas. 

If you are looking for wedding venues only, check out the Wedding room or The Mirage for your wedding planning in Vegas.

The Victoria or The Grove can cater for large parties for a wedding ceremony and reception.

You can get both kinds of wedding, elaborate luxury weddings and also quick and easy inexpensive weddings for your wedding planning in Vegas.

Beware of the upgrades and extras. 

Ask good questions. 

For example, Mandalay says you get a CD with the photos, but that is just some of them, and in a format you can't reproduce. 


Unusual wedding chapels
There are quite a range of wacky weddings happening in Vegas.  

You may get married in Hawaiian style, fairy tale atmosphere, Star Trek, gothic and weddings with an Elvis impersonator. 

You may even get married in the Nude if you wish in your wedding planning in Vegas.

Helicopter wedding  

Hot Air Balloon wedding chapels

Drive thru wedding chapels (with your car or motorcycle)

Pirate ship wedding


Up in the Air

The Stratosphere Hotel & Casino

Elvis themed

Where celebrities got married

Internet streaming live

 Harley Davidson

Star Trek


Nude wedding

Fairy Tale wedding

Bride's entrance into the chapel by a Magical Fairy Tale Coach with Footmen


A few last details for getting married in Las Vegas


las vegas wedding photoValentine’s and New Year's Eve are busy times.  You don’t want to be in a line up to get married or living a nightmare finding lodging.

The Weather:
The most uncomfortable hot temperature is from May to September.  You want to avoid being photograph with your make up melting or sweat shinning on your face.  Plan an evening ceremony because the temperature is perfect then.

Your dress:
You can find a spur of the moment wedding dress. Hey! It’s Vegas! Pick a dress that is sleeveless.

If you are only both of you, don’t worry about it; there is always someone available to fulfill that role.

Length of Time of the ceremony:
Don’t expect a long, majestic kind of ceremony.  The chapels are usually busy booked.  Half an hour max is what you should expect for your ceremony

The official:
Most wedding chapels have either a civil ceremony or a religious ceremony.  They provide you with a minister or rabbi.

You can get married in many languages like Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese and other languages

Hair and makeup:
Many hotels do have salons or spas.  Also try a local salon off the Strip.  It also exist services where people will come to your room to prepare you for the big day.

Have a great wedding day!

Author: Caroline T., owner of this site.

Source: www.las-vegas-weddings.co.uk/

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