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Being Dumped, just plain sucks! 
by Dorothy Lafrinere


(..or how to overcoming being dumped). Hey there sweet people.

Hurricanes really suck. Even if they do not reach you, they still threaten your safety net. Florida survived last years attack of Mother Nature, so we are a little more courageous this year.

Not much, but a little. I would love to meet the person that pissed her off (Mother Nature). Not only does she get even, but she does it with a vengeance.

That's like PMS & Menopause all rapped up. So, for all you poor souls that are in for that ride(PMS & Menopause), and have no clue what it is all about, think hurricane. It can turn in a second and destroy you.

Oh, and it has many names also, like bitch, nag, crazy, nuts, annoying, female, insane, messed up, pms'ing, hallucinating, on drugs, stupid bitch, mentally challenged, and that's just a few, except they are not in an alphabetical order like the hurricanes.

OK so we are disorganized. BITE ME! You seriously have to be PMS`ing to be able to understand (winks).

I can only hope that everyone gets as many laughs as I have so far typing this. OK, now onto more serious matters in life. Today I received a question from a guy. Here is what he said:

"Posted by Anonymous The last woman I was involved with was quite full of herself. So then why did she dump me?"

And my answer to him was this... "Posted by Dorothy

Hey there, sorry to hear about your being dumped. Not knowing either of you, it is really hard to answer that question. There are many reasons for people walking away from a relationship.

It could have plain worn out. Also they could have found someone else. Either way, it sucks, and you have to deal with the pain, and learn to get on with your life. It is a challenge, but it does make you aware, of what being human is all about.

There is a saying; "If it doesn’t kill you. it will only make you stronger."

Also I am a firm believer in: "Things do happen for a reason." Hang in there, things will get better, if you let them. Take Care and thank you for sharing that with me."

"Being Dumped" really is one of the worst experiences, short of death that we, as humans are faced with in our lives.

They say that, death of a loved one is easier to learn to live with, than a break-up , "Being Dumped" or rejection.  All of the above tell us that we are unacceptable to someone.

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