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Kissing Connectivity: Keeping your relationship HOT
by Edel Jarboe

A kiss can mean so much, or nothing at all. Remember when you were five years old & you thought kissing was yucky? 

It wasn't until adolescence that the meaning of a kiss was slowly revealed to us. Between giggles we confessed our first kisses, our secret initiation into the "adult" world. 

No one talks about kisses anymore.  Oh, we read about them in romance novels or see them on the big screen, but no one discusses them in hushed whispers between blushes & giggles. 

We are adults.

Kissing is commonplace for us now. Most of us kiss our partners without thinking at least once a day.  But shouldn't a kiss always be special?

What is a Kiss?

A kiss is more than the sharing of lips & breath.  It is a mingling of hearts and souls.

A slight tingle, a funny feeling in the tummy, a racing heart, is to be expected. A kiss is an intimate connection to another human being & a simple way to express love & affection. 

It is also a way for us to confirm that our partner is "the one" & traditionally, the marriage vow is sealed with a kiss as well. What better way to seal the promise of love?

The First Kiss The anticipated first kiss is one that we both long for & dream about. And, whether remembered as sweet & tender, shy & hesitant, or as bumped heads & noses, we don't forget it.

A kiss is a thing of wonder.  We wonder if & when the object of our affections will bestow us with a kiss.  We wonder if our knees will get weak, our pulse will race, or if it will be a dud.  So much depends on a kiss.

We analyze every detail of our interaction with the opposite sex with the precision of a scientist.  He smiled at you when you walked by. 

Does he like you?  You went to see a movie with subtitles & he seemed to like it

Does he really like foreign movies or is he only trying to please you?

Will he call you again? You go out on your second date.  And then, somehow, you kiss.  Your heart soars. He likes you!

Could this be love?

According to Leslie Parrott, Ed.D, co-director of the Center for Relationship Development (http://www.realrelationships.com) at Seattle Pacific University and author of "Relationships: Making Bad Relationships Better and Good Relationships Great", women do read more into kissing than men.

"It can make them feel attractive, cared for, and even boost their self-esteem.  Women unconsciously use kissing as a barometer for how much they're respected, valued, and loved," says Dr. Parrott.

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