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St. Lucia Honeymoon Vacation

In one of my cruises, I had the chance to visit the beautiful St Lucia honeymoon vacation island.  Because of its volcanic soil, the island is filled with luxurious site seeing. 

St Lucia

When I debarked from the ship, I was right away greeted by the joyful sounds of the music & the people walking & chatting.   

There was kiosk at of people offering different excursions throughout the island.  I wanted to go to the famous volcano, La Soufriere. 

It is apparently the only volcano in the world where you can land foot in the crater.

The road trip was a bit.... hard on my stomach let's say. 

The driver was driving fast on the curvy & steep roads of St Lucia.  I got nauseous. 

But the road was still beautiful to see.

We stopped a few times either to admire the banana plants or get offers from their local population, who are trying to make a living out of the tourists. 

At one point, we saw a guy who had a snake wrapped around at branch tree. 

We were amazed by the proximity of him & us from the “danger”. 

After a minute, he asked us for $10 just because we looked at his bloody snake.  I was convinced that his snake wasn't dangerous at all.   

After that, we went through the Rainforest. 

It was humid but very nice. 

At an observation point, we seized the view on the two famous Piton of St Lucia. 

That is where the movie Superman II was filmed.

That is a nice St Lucia honeymoon vacation to be.

St Lucia

After much swirling around, we finally arrived at the volcano. 

You can walk in the volcano no problem.

We were caught off guard by the intense smell of rotten eggs at first. 

The volcano is producing sulfur.

You can take samples of the source water & put it on your skin. 

Apparently, it's good to cure skin problems

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