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9 Best Beaches of California

Here is a list for what we believe are a list of beautiful beaches in California.

Of all the best Californian beaches has to offer, we think these are tops.

Some are busy, some are calm and quiet, some are more family oriented.        

1. Malibu Lagoon

Malibu Lagoon
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A beautiful lagoon beach with 22 acres of wetlands, gardens and sandy beach.

It's considered one of the worlds premiere surfing beaches.

There are spots that supply surf boards and suits to practice.

On the east side of the Malibu Creek Bridge is the Malibu Pier, which is excellent for saltwater fishing.

On the west side is a nature area.

If you are looking for a calm experience with the family, this spot is all for it.

2. Venice Beach

No trip to Los Angeles would be complete without a trip to this iconic place.

what is Venice beach California known for

What is Venice Beach California known for?

It is know for many fun activites; bohemian, artsy, free spirited, these are the characteristic of the vibe of the beautiful spot.

Street performers, artists and "the beautiful people" mingle and stroll all the way to Santa Monica along the famous boardwalk that runs through this inimitable California lakeshore town.

Can you swim in Venice Beach?

can you swim at Venice Beach California

Yes, you may also sunbath and surf.


venice beach art walls
Venice beach art walls

You can use the outoor gym and show off your muscle body and then soak in the water after passing your feet through the sandy soft warm shore.

Tons of shops to choose from to eat or to buy some souvenirs.

3. El Capitan Beach

El Capitan beach

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This shady, sandy, Santa Barbara beach features rocky tide pools along El Capitan Creek.

It's perfect for swimming, fishing, surfing, picnicking and camping.

A long stairway gives access from the bluffs to the shore and a bike trail connects the park with Refugio State Park.

4. Ocean Beach

Ocean beach California

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O.B. as the locals call it is a laid-back beach-community know for its surfers and liberal politics.

It is an eclectic beach community with a leash free "dog", a fishing pier, swimming, surfing and volleyball.

It has separate swimming and surfing zones, which is definitely a good idea.

5. Rio Del Mar Beach

Rio Del Mar, beach California

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This long, sandy oceanfront is found in the town of Aptos, in Santa Cruz County.

It features fire rings and a barbecue and picnic area and is a popular summer spot.

It is also the home to the "cement boat" a long stranded freighter ship.

Lots of parking space which is the best feeling in the world when you want to get to the water asap when arriving.

You may do a contest with yourself or with the kids to find sand crabs.

There are fire pits but it is easily and fast taken; some people come at sunrise and the pits are already taken.

6. Muir Beach

Muir beach, California

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This spot is less than a half hour drive from San Francisco down scenic Hwy I.

It's one of the most glorious regions of Northern California in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Some firepits are available.

Dogs are allowed.

Make sure to bring an addtional cover.

It can get chilly when the sun sets.

The ocean caresses the shore in between the majestic black rocks.

You will have to walk through bridge path in great nature to access the shore.

Time to take a selfie!

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