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The Male Rating System or Boyfriend Test
by Sam Stevens

This Male Rating System, while not necessarily New Age in nature, Samantha has noticed a lot of clients asking questions about their potential beaus lately and she thought this refreshing change might be just what was needed to help our female Realm members keep things in perspective regarding their male paramours.

Enjoy! -David -

Believe it or not, if you go into forums on web sites that are devoted to the subject of how to pick up girls, you will find people posting messages about something that is called the mating rating system for boyfriend test potential.

Reading one of these forums is kind of a rude wake up call if you ever thought that men "rated" us on such qualities as humor, intelligence or charm.

Instead this male rating system, which in a state of constant debate seems to be based on leg length, the size of your lips, how high your cheek bones are and whether or not you have big breasts.

The Male Rating system finds its origins in the movie"10" starring Dudley Moore and Bo Derek.

This was a romantic comedy that was made in the seventies that featured the adventures of a neurotic alcoholic who was looking for a woman who he considered to be a perfect Ten on his personal rating scale.

He finally finds her in the person of Bo Derek, who is six feet tall, has long blonde hair, full lips, icy blue eyes, legs that go on forever, a tiny waist and a very vacuous smile.

My opinion is that if men are going to rate us, there is no reason why we can't develop our own system to rate men and test the boyfriend.

However because men are more sex oriented and women are more relationship oriented our rating system is going to be a little more sophisticated.

It also won't be as racially BIASED as the male rating system, which seems to prefer the Aryan ideal of the Nordic Queen.

To find out how your boyfriend test succeeds on our rating system answer the following questions by choosing an option below.

Choose only one option.

You can add up points as you go along.

Be forewarned you will never find another boyfriend test anywhere that is as honest and forthright as this one.

It is based on very realistic criteria that could bring your head down out of the clouds and could really make you think twice about who it is you are going out with.

What level of education has he completed?

Elementary school * 1 point
Grade Six * 2 points
Grade Nine * 3 points
Grade Ten * 4 points
Graduated High School * 5 points
One Year of University or College * 6 points
Two Years of University or College * 7 points
Completed College but no degree * 8 points
Completed College With Degree * 9 points
Post Graduate Degree * 10 points

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